Podcast: Navigating the workplace as an introvert, Part I


That’s right, Joe and I linked up a few weeks ago as guest speakers on Eric Spector’s podcast “The Bottom Line: A Fowler Coordinator Podcast.”  In the episode, we cover a range of introversion topics geared towards students and established professionals alike.  Do you ever get stressed out about career fairs?  Or are those status meetings at work really draining your energy levels?  Take a listen to hear our tips to improve your experience!

It was a great experience for the both of us, and it was the first time behind the podcast mic for us as well.  It was weird talking to an audience that was not present, but rather one that was going to listen to the recording at a later date.  I have to admit though, I was a bit less nervous walking into the taping since I knew there would only be three people in the room.  Maybe Joe and I will have to make this a more common feature on this blog…

I’d like to especially thank Eric for having us as guests on his show.  He did all the hard work and made us sounds good, so props to him!  Let us know how we did, and if we can improve anything!

— SB

introvert-office-design (1)

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