Bottle Your Gratitude for 2019

img_3806Exercising the “gratitude muscle” helps me keep a healthy perspective and focus on what’s really important.

There are some easy ways to express gratitude, like keeping a gratitude jar. There’s one at home sitting on the kitchen counter, and whenever something occurs to us, Robbie and I jot it down on a scrap piece of paper and throw it in the jar. Just a few things making it into the jar for me this year: new friendships, old/revived friendships, family, the new addition to the family, the chance to travel to Paris and Palm Springs and Ogunquit. The “little” things aren’t lost on me either: properly-working air conditioning on a hot day, the Quiet Car on Amtrak, work-from-home Mondays, and cheesecake (of course)!

Anyway, on December 31, we go through the jar and read what’s in there. This is a fun and meaningful way to recap the year behind us, take stock of what’s important in life and maybe what to focus on in the coming year. And speaking of 2019, I just bought a new gratitude journal called, “Okay, Fine, I’m Grateful!” that I plan to start using on January 1, in addition to starting to refill the gratitude jar!


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